By Christian Duell


Greetings! It’s your Be Awesome captain Christian here, filling in for First Officer Brodie this week who is sans technology in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada USA experiencing the Burning Man Festival. So, in the spirit of Burning Man, I’ve nominated a slightly surreal and eccentric Who’s Awesome this week; a young man by the name of Yusuki from Osaka, Japan.

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There are buskers and then there are Buskers. Where I live in Brisbane, Australia, our city’s CBD is scattered with all types of street performers of varying styles and skill levels. Walking past King George Square in Brisbane a few weeks ago though, Yusuki really (and literally) jumped out from the crowd!

Wearing an ill-fitting dress and awkwardly-applied face painting and makeup, Yusuki was positioned proudly on top of two milk crates, performing karaoke and air-guitar versions of popular rock songs in his broken english.

Weird you might say. Crazy is another word that might come to mind. But whether this was a sophisticated work of art or just plain kooky, I think Yusuki is awesome for a few reasons.

The guy has courage! To stand up and perform like that with no shame or fear in public is incredible!

And whether people appreciated the entertainment or not, Yusuki changed the day of every single person that walked past in some way.

So, here’s to Yusuki for Be(ing) Awesome and not being afraid to play to the beat of his own drum!

Sit back and enjoy the entertainment, I’m sure it’ll put a spark into your day!

PS. I hope he found his girl 😉


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