Yosef & Rose

By Brodie Drysdale.


I take so many things in my life for granted and there are even some parts that I have felt are my right. For example, taking a bus or a train. I pay my fare and therefore it is my right to use that transport. Well, is it my right? And if it does happen to be my right does it mean that I shouldn’t be grateful for it? What if that transport or those drivers weren’t there?

Yosef and Rose live in New York and noticed a weird phenomenon that happened on the subway. When a train pulls into the subway station subway conductors in the middle cars usually point at a little black-and-white sign on the platform to prove that they’re paying attention. Odd but true.

Yosef and Rose are very grateful for being able to get around in the subway and the freedom it provides in their lives so they decided to brighten the days of subway conductors around New York particularly those participating in this weird pointing ritual that is part of their job. In an interview with AOL, Lerner described his goals for the project as “an opportunity to snap someone out of it. To let them know that we notice them and that we see them as human beings.”

So this week’s Who’s Awesome is Yosef & Rose for taking a moment to bring some awesomeness to the lives of the people who make their everyday movement and freedom a possibility!

Check out their New York Subway Signs Experiment here….


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