Violet & Allen

By Brodie Drysdale.


I can remember many times in my life that I have daydreamed about winning the lottery. Always imagining myself acting with the perfect balance of sharing the money among myself, family and worthy causes while still managing to live a normal life. Though I do wonder if that would be possible? With $11.3 million would I still remember what was actually important or would the money change me? Would the money come to define me more than my true self and override my purpose in life?

Violet and Allen Large weren’t willing to take that chance.

78 year old Violet Large was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer when she discovered that she and her husband Allen had won the $11.3 million jackpot in the Canadian lottery. Deciding that the money was causing them a” headache”, they gave it away, every last cent of it.

Beneficiaries of their generosity included their families, the local fire department, churches and cemeteries, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and hospitals including the hospital where Violet had her chemotherapy treatment. When interviewed Violet and Allen have said that they didn’t give the money away for recognition or praise, merely saying “that money that we won was nothing, we have each other.”

Violet and Allen already had everything they wanted in life and chose to Be Awesome by helping others to create more choices for other people in Canada that might not be so fortunate.

Not sure about you but I think that is choosing to Be very Awesome. You can read their whole story on the link below.



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