Our Firefighters

By Brodie Drysdale.


With experts tipping this summer to be one of the hottest ever in Australian recorded history, the likelihood of devastating bushfires across Australia increases daily.

Already in the last two weeks we have seen huge destructive fire fronts across a large portion of NSW and right now there are there are 57 bushfires burning across the state, with 23 uncontained. Currently there are more than 800 rural firefighters  and 72 water bombing aircraft deployed across NSW alone.

Over the last two weeks more than 120,000 hectares of bush has burnt across NSW and the damage would have been far greater were it not for the hundreds of mostly volunteer firefighters who left their regular jobs to join the fight. Men and women across communities in Australia volunteer their time and resources to Rural Fire Services to be on standby to fight fires that would otherwise burn out of control and cause untold destruction and devastation.

Bill Shields, the Captain of the Bilpin Rural Fire Service, on Wednesday described the efforts of his volunteer crew battling the State Mine fire in the Blue Mountains, ”They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They are wonderful people. One can’t say enough of them. And the reality of life is that they are a disparate group of people and when push comes to shove they know what to do, they get in and do it, safely, and they just achieve remarkable things.”

So to all the firefighters and support crews across Australia giving up their time and resources to protect our country we say thank you, thank you for choosing to Be Awesome.

If you need information regarding the bushfires or you would like to donate money or your time please visit the Rural Fire Brigade website at http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/

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