One Girl


Tiziana Dearing, CEO of Boston Rising wrote an article on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in 2011. Her organisation has spent a lot of time considering the problem of cyclical poverty and came to the conclusion that “To break the intergenerational poverty cycle, we must invest in individual choice and control”.

In Sierra Leone girls as young as 12 are having their individual choice and control taken from them, a cycle that is continuing to be repeated with each new generation.  The fantastic news is there are organisations out there fighting to change this and one of them is right here in Australia, One Girl.

One Girl have conducted research throughout Sierra Leone and identified that there are several barriers to a young girl receiving an education; child marriage, lack of money with preferential provision of education given to boys and teen pregnancy. One Girl has been working on 4 programs to change this situation for women; Back to School Scholarships, Entrepreneur Programs, Sanitary Pads and Awesomisation of Schools.


You can read more about the amazing cycle breaking work of One Girl on their website

One Girl are currently on the lookout for ambassadors for this cause so if you are interested in becoming involved in their life changing work check out this link on their website

A huge shout out to this amazing organisation and the work they do, an incredibly worthy Who’s Awesome!


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