Nelson Mandela

By Brodie Drysdale


This morning we woke to the news that Nelson Mandela had departed and now was in peace, news which will have caused many people, even for an instant, to be completely still. It’s that moment of pause when we realise that someone we know or we are inspired by or connected to has left this life.

Tributes, obituaries and articles are appearing everywhere and rather than write another I thought I would instead direct you to some of those written by people who know his story and life best.

Desmond Tutu –

Richard Branson –

Mail & Guardian South Africa –

The Nelson Mandela Foundation –

The New Yorker –

There are so many lessons that I have learnt from this great man but possibly the greatest lesson that I learnt and will continue to learn, is the power of forgiveness. That “courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of peace.”

Farewell to a great man and I hope that the power of his existence will continue to reverberate through this world for many years to come.

B x

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