Nancy & Donald


By Brodie Drysdale.

Commitment. How do you show commit to your family and friends?

Maybe it’s affection, or time and energy or perhaps just a big ole hug?

This week’s Who’s Awesome are Nancy and Donald. Nancy and Donald show their commitment to each other and their relationship by wearing matching outfits everyday. Yup, everyday for the last 33 years.

Even when they are apart they phone each other to check that their style is in sync. And if you think that’s an achievement, Nancy made all the outfits herself (with matching his and hers accessories).

The following article from the Daily Mail gives a pictorial overview of some of the rather colourful matching outfits that Donald and Nancy have rocked out.

For Donald and Nancy their matching outfits are the clearest sign they can give of their commitment to each other and I think that’s pretty awesome!

B x

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