By Brodie Drysdale.


A friend of mine Dave was talking about his niece one day and made the comment “imagine what you could do if you hadn’t been told you couldn’t”?

Children are a constant reminder of what we as humans can accomplish when we don’t know any different. 5 year old Miles Scott is an example of this. Miles has been fighting leukemia since he was about one and a half and the good news is that his fighting, support of loved ones and the belief that he had to get better because he would one day be Batman has come true and Miles is  now in remission.

The beautiful folks at Make a Wish Foundation and the City of San Francisco came together to acknowledge this little survivor and make his dream of being BatKid for a day come true. The little crime fighter took San Francisco by storm last week ultimately saving the San Francisco Giants mascot, Lou Seal, from Penguin’s clutches. Over 10’000 people in San Francisco came out to line the streets and cheer on BatKid and Batman in their crime fighting adventures. The whole city and country, including President Barak Obama, threw their support behind BatKid on the day.

So a big shout out to Miles for showing us what a true Super Hero is and also reminding us how important dreams are, we think you are pretty awesome BatKid. A huge acknowledgment to the City of San Francisco and the Make A Wish Foundation for making his day come true and showing us that “every child with a life-threatening medical condition is a superhero”.

You can read about his adventure and watch a video here.


B x

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