Matt Madeiro

By Brodie Drysdale.

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Matt Madeiro

I can’t even remember what I did for my 25th birthday but I have no doubt it involved some partying and presents, none of which I can actually recall today. I can safely say that I spent my 25th birthday in the company of family and friends having a fabulous time celebrating myself. Now there is nothing wrong with celebrating milestones in life, in fact I feel they are exceptionally important part of everyone’s life but here is one person that made a choice to celebrate in a very unique way, he chose to be exceptionally awesome!

Around the time of his 25th birthday Matt Madeiro became aware of a woman named Maggie Doyne. Just before starting college Maggie stuffed some clothes in a backpack and visited Nepal. Maggie, like many before her was shocked by the poverty that children in this country endured and she went home and decided to do something about it. Maggie has now built a school for over 300 children in Nepal, a school that for many is a home as well as a school. Matt visited Maggie at the school and heard that some of the children that attended this school risked their safety and gave up work to walk over 5 hours to get there each day.

Matt could see a school bus would change their lives just as much as the school did so for his 25th birthday he decided to raise the money to buy one, and he did. The realising the bus would need maintenance and care he extended his goal to include a maintenance fund, and he achieved it raising $33,870!

Read about his journey to Be Awesome here….

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