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By Brodie Drysdale

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Having spent the last few days soaking up West Coast life in San Francisco I thought it appropriate to write about one of the many companies here Be(ing) Awesome.

The more I learn about giving to those in need the more I realise that a gift to the less fortunate is a beautiful thing, however to give gifts that empower people to change their lives, now that is something very powerful!

Living Goods was founded in 2007 by Chuck Slaughter and is based out of San Francisco. Today over 270 million people in Africa still lack access to essential items for survival. Chuck identified that a system that was efficient, scaleable and sustainable was required to deliver these life-saving and life-changing products to those that needed them. This is the gap that Living Goods aims to fill!

According to Wikipedia, Living Goods “goal is to build a sustainable distribution platform for products designed to fight poverty and disease in the developing world. Specifically, Living Goods operates networks of independent entrepreneurs who make a living by selling cheap products to poor people that can help improve their health, wealth, and productivity”.

From the Living Goods website their model aims to achieve the following, “We seek nothing less than a disruptive reinvention of distribution in the developing world, through networks of franchised micro-entrepreneurs who leverage Living Goods’ brand, buying power and marketing tools to deliver vital products at accessible prices to the people who need them most. By combining the best practices from the worlds of micro-enterprise, franchising and public health, Living Goods is creating a fully sustainable system to improve the health, wealth, and productivity of the world’s poor”.

Living Goods is a shining example of the type of inspired thinking and design solutions that I believe will create progress in solving some of the worlds biggest challenges.

A big shout out to Chuck, Joe and all their team here in the Bay City and check out their website to read more about this very Awesome organisation:

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