Kid President’s Letter


By Brodie Drysdale

Hey there Awesomes,

Welcome to our first Who’s Awesome for 2014! I am super excited to be bringing you more awesome people from around the globe again this year.

Here at Be Awesome we are a huge fan of Kid President and have featured him on our blog before. Earlier this year Kid President released a video which is a “Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here”. The video is intended for welcoming people to the world but is a fantastic reminder to us all of all the amazing things about ourselves and the world that we might forget about in our busy lives and a great first Who’s Awesome for 2014.


Until next week, “For now, remember this: You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it.” – Kid President

Brodie x

If you know of someone out there being awesome, get in touch we would love to hear from you!


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