Cliff Young 8

By Brodie Drysdale.

Running has been front and center of my thoughts this week so it came as no surprise that this character caught my attention when I was trawling the internet for awesomeness. Throughout my life whenever I have become involved in any lycra clad pursuit there is a seemingly endless plethora of “stuff” that I should buy that is apparently essential for me to succeed. But this week’s Who’s Awesome showed me that I don’t need to be high tech or even young to succeed, by making the most of what resources I have available to me right now I can make choices that will put me on the path to being awesome.

Meet Albert Ernest Clifford Young. Cliff grew up on a farm in Victoria of around 2000 acres and became a runner simply because he rounded up all the cattle on the property, on foot. Not only on foot but in gumboots.

Cliff ran many marathons in his time but one of his greatest achievements was winning the 875km Sydney to Melbourne ultra marathon in 1983 at age 61! Cliff smashed the previous record by nearly 2 days and was 10 hours in front of his closest challenger. When presented with the $10’000 first prize, Cliff promptly split it by 5 and gave $2000 to each of the 5 runners that finished after him in the race.

This 1.5 minute clip shows Cliff in all his glory Be(ing) very Awesome.

Oh did I mention that he took out his false teeth when he ran?  He said they made too much noise and were distracting. I wonder what Cliff would make of my current running playlist?

Keep Be(ing) Awesome!

B x


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