By Brodie Drysdale.


So if you were to answer honestly, how long can you go without looking at your phone? How long can you sit alone on the train or waiting at a cafe before you reach for your device? How long is it into a meal before someone pulls out their phone to show everyone something that they have to see? Or takes a picture for instant sharing across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

When I think about myself in these situations, the truthful answer is not very long at all and I wonder how this happened. How did my phone and its contents become more important than actually being and experiencing moments?

Sometimes it takes seeing yourself from the outside to see what you might be missing and given how uncomfortable I felt watching this short clip I know there was a message in here for me. With over 27 million hits on YouTube, the clip is causing quite a sensation.

Written and directed by Charlene de Guzman and Miles Crawford “I forgot my phone” is a 2 minute film highlighting how a lot of us now experience moments. Charlene stars in the short clip and from her blog says “I came up with the idea for this video when I was at a concert seeing my favorite DJ. The people in front of me had their phones up in the air the entire time – filming, taking pictures, posting them to Facebook and Instagram, tweeting about how cool this concert was.” She wanted to share the film, “Because there is a moment happening right in front of you, right this second, and you’re missing it.”

So a personal thank you to Charlene, this week’s Who’s Awesome, for reminding me about what’s truly important in a moment. You can read more about Charlene at her website here

B x

P.S I saw this picture a little while ago of what has come to be known as “phone stack”. Friends out eating together stack up their phones face down and the first person to touch their phone pays the entire bill. Now maybe that’s a good place to start?


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