Bob & Linda

By Brodie Drysdale

When someone we love is in pain we want to do everything we can to ease that pain but sometimes we just don’t know how. Particularly with cancer and other illnesses friends and family of patients can often feel helpless and hopeless.

Bob is a photographer and when his wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 he started to use his skills as a photography as a form of self therapy. Bob would don a pink tutu and take pictures of himself in random places. His wife Linda started taking the pictures on her phone with her to her treatment sessions to share them with other women and the laughter helped their treatments pass a little quicker.


As time passed and Bob continued to take the pictures they became more than just funny images, for Linda they were a beautiful way of her husband showing that his willingness to stand out was him standing by and supporting her.

Bob received so much positive feedback about the project that he knew he needed to keep going and The Tutu Project was born. The Tutu Project lead Bob and Linda to publish Ballerina, a book of Bob’s Tutu images with all proceeds going back to The Carey Foundation. The Carey Foundation provides support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, and their family members, in particular costs not covered by insurance.

When asked about Linda’s diagnosis and what the project has done for them Bob said “During these past nine years, I’ve been in awe of her power, her beauty, and her spirit. Oddly enough, her cancer has taught us that life is good, dealing with it can be hard, and sometimes the very best thing—no, the only thing—we can do to face another day is to laugh at ourselves, and share a laugh with others.”

You can read more about and offer support to the Tutu Project and the Carey Foundation here Bob’s pictures and his and Linda’s beautiful story is sure to warm your heart!

B x

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