Bel, Rube, Clincher & Trump

By Brodie Drysdale.

Bel 4

It’s a pretty great job writing about Awesome people each week but I am exceptionally humbled to be writing about an old friend of mine today.

Earlier this year, inspired by the great R M Williams, Bel Ritchie decided to set out on a epic adventure with her 3 trusty steeds ,Rube, Clincher and Trump to ride the length of Australia’s Bicentennial National Trail to raise awareness for “Do it 4 Stroke“. Now for anyone unfamiliar with it, the trail is an rather lengthy 5330kms and stretches from Healsville in Victoria to Cooktown in Queensland.  To even drive this distance is a rather big effort but to ride it alone without a full time support crew is nothing short of amazing.

In the North Queensland Register Bel commented that “I set out on the trail in pursuit of adventure. I also wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness for a cause that has touched my life. It has been a fantastic year and I have met so many kind people along the way which has really rekindled my faith in humanity. Along the way I have spoken to a lot of people about stroke and the National Stroke Foundation. Stroke wasn’t necessarily on people’s radar, so I feel like I have helped spread an important message.”

On Sunday November 10 Bel rode into Cooktown, completing what has been an amazing 347 day journey that saw her honored with  the Nancy Bird Walton sponsorship by the Australian Geographic Society for Female Adventurer of the Year.

The memorial at the trail says that it is a journey that will challenge and reward you and speaking with ABC Rural Radio Bel agreed that the challenge of the steepness of trail in places and finding feed for her horses in dry conditions had been tough but meeting so many wonderful Australian’s on the way had been incredibly rewarding.

I am in complete awe of Bel’s achievement and feel super chuffed to be writing about her as this week’s Who’s Awesome, you are an inspiration Bel, Rube, Clincher & Trump!

As mentioned Bel is raising money for “Do it 4 Stroke” and if you would like to support her please click on the link below.

B x

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