By Brodie Drysdale.

One of the things that appeals most to me about Be Awesome is how inclusive it is. There is no definition of what you need to do to Be Awesome other than choosing to be the most you can be with what you have in any given moment. I used to think that to fill my life with exciting awesome things I needed money, lots of money and once I had lots of money I could do all the exciting things that I dreamed of. To put it mildly, it was somewhat mind blowing when I realised that I could do exciting things, see beauty, feel love, embrace connection and generally just Be Awesome FOR FREE! Cue movie reel of past spending habits and money burning in piles…

Now this week’s Who’s Awesome is setting the bar for a whole new level of Who’s Awesome fashion but it also a heartwarming story about how curiosity and connection can lead to a beautiful friendship that surpasses any barriers of age or language.

Meet Ali.

Ali is 83, he is a retired doctor and lives in Berlin. Ali likes clothes so after he had retired he decided to work as a tailor 6 days a week so he could make his own. Ali caught the eye of Australian waitress and photographer Zoe Spawton as he walked past her cafe at 9.05 every morning. Zoe plucked up the courage to ask him for his picture and the site What Ali Wore was borne. Zoe has continued to take pictures of Ali. His demeanor and slick style has captured the attention of people around the world but so has the story of their growing friendship.

You can see What Ali Wore here and also read more about Zoe and his friendship in the CNN report here

Ali is to me such a brilliant example of Being Awesome, for him to Be Awesome, he chooses style.

My personal favourite, the double denim!

B x


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