Who’s Awesome?


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Who’s Awesome?

By Brodie Drysdale.

Who’s Awesome? is a weekly feature article of an awesome individual or organization, published every Friday morning and shared across the Be Awesome social media sites.

The purpose of Who’s Awesome? is to share the story of an everyday individual or organization who has / have made a conscious choice to improve their own life or the lives of others through ongoing positive actions. These individuals or organisations will often be viewed as “quiet achievers”, modest and humble. In sharing their stories we hope to inspire other members of the Be Awesome community to take positive action in their own lives.

In 2014 the Be Awesome team are looking to enrich this blog with content from a community of likeminded people, who each have the capacity to inspire others. We would therefore like to invite YOU to join and share with our community someone Who’s Awesome! Please get in touch with Brodie to share your story!

And don’t forget to check in here every Friday to meet some new Who’s Awesome!

One thought on “Who’s Awesome?

  1. Hi
    My name is Alexandra, and I was one of the kids who attended the Be Awesome Pilot Festival. It was really awesome and has inspired me to help my school. I go to St Agnes Primary School in Mt Gravatt and we need your vote! We are in the running for a $5,m000 CUA community grant to repair our school cricket pitches. The school with the most votes in our area will automatically win the grant. We are a small school so every vote really counts!

    I was hoping that all the awesome people who look at this website might find it in their hearts to spend about 30 seconds voting for my school It would mean a great deal to me, and a great deal to all the students in my school.

    It is really quick, promise. Just login to the internet and follow the link below
    Best regards, Alexandra (10 years old) xx

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