The Brisbane Dream Team

The Be Awesome Festival Dream Team is made up of a diverse and passionate group of volunteers combining skills and experience in social work and counselling, psychology, teaching, design, marketing and communications, events management, personal growth, coaching and mentoring.

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Christian Duell

Image by Mark Lobo

Name: Christian Duell

Role: Festival Pilot Leader

About me: I am passionate about transformation; my own personal growth and learning and the growth of those that I support and connect with. I love to use creativity to support people in seeing the choices and freedom available to them in each situation.

More info: White Light



Name: Sarah Ah Loy

Role: Festival Challenges Design

About me: I’m really passionate about supporting people to live an energised life, exploring the body, mind and wellness connection through movement.

More info: Fusion Wellbeing


Mitch SQ

Name: Mitchell McDonald Roberts

Role: Festival Structures Design

About me: I value ecologically intelligent design solutions and location specific architecture. I believe that the more one knows about the world the easier it is to change it.

More info: LinkedIn


Hannah SQ

Name: Hannah Lohman

Role: Measurement & Evaluation

About me: I am passionate about embracing and encouraging diverse world-views and skills. My dream is to harness the power of ‘community’ to help individuals find unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion for themselves and others.

More info: QPASTT


Josie SQ

Name: Josephine Lennie

Role: Measurement & Evaluation

About me: I am passionate about human rights, practicing what I preach and acquiring knowledge through as many channels as possible.

More info: Josie’s Blog



Name: Rob Dean

Role: Red Tape

About me: I love progressive thought, ideas and culture, I am passionate about science, the environment and the future of the human race. I believe in the transformative power of play and in joy through physical activity. I have a BSc in Environmental Biology and am an experienced mechanic, retail manager and buyer.

More info: LinkedIn

2 thoughts on “The Brisbane Dream Team

  1. Hi Christian,

    Congratulations on Be Awesome and your vision. I only came across your facebook page today and I have spent ages browsing through all of your information. It’s incredibly heartening (particularly as the mum to primary school aged children) to see that there are people in the world like you working so hard to ensure children and young people can live happy, awesome(!) lives despite the times we live in.

    As a team, we have had discussions about your work today and on behalf of the University of the Sunshine Coast, I would love to come and see what you are doing this weekend at the inaugural Be Awesome Festival. But I just wanted to reach out to you and check if you would be ok with that? We would also like to make a donation to the festival and talk to you about ways we could further support what you’re doing. Let me know if you would be open to this.

    All the best Christian – I think what you’re doing is phenomenal.

    Best regards,
    Emma Rahui
    Major Events Manager, University of the Sunshine Coast

    1. Hi Emma! Thanks for your really encouraging comment. You are more than welcome to come down tomorrow any time. Very busy right now pulling everything together but would love to chat more hopefully on Saturday if not next week! Christian

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