Tillman the Skateboarding Dog


By Sarah Ah Loy

This weeks ‘Random Act of Awesome’ goes out to Tillman the Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Skimboarding & Surfing……  English Bulldog.

Please excuse me if I have come down in the last shower but I only stumbled across this little guy over the weekend. Along with a seriously impressive set of co-ordination skills, he is quite the celebrity pooch and stars in a television serious called ‘Who Let the Dogs Out.’

Tillman is famous for taking out the fastest 100m on a Skateboard by a dog. According to Tillman’s owner Ron Davis, little Tillman’s love of skateboarding began at just 8 weeks old.

This super busy pooch displays all manner of awesomeness in this video. I just love the way he’s adopted his own skateboarding bravado and gathers his own speed & momentum!

A high paw to you Tillman, that’s pretty random and totally awesome!

Sprinkle a little awesome in the world this week.

Sarah 🙂

One thought on “Tillman the Skateboarding Dog

  1. I am needing to contact Ron Davis to get permission to use a picture of Tillman skateboarding as a subject for my pastel art. I paint dogs and just LOVE the great expression on Tillman’s face when he is ‘in the groove’! Could you help me with this?

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