Socktober 2014

socktober 2014

Socktober 2014

This weeks ‘Random Act of Awesome’ comes from one of our favourite friends ‘Kid President‘ and the inspiring people over at SoulPancake.

You might remember Kid President from ‘Who’s Awesome?’ a while back, he is back this month with a pretty cool project!

In his latest video, Kid President is calling out to us all to take back the Internet and do something AWESOME with it. He shares some pretty interesting facts about how we use the Internet today and announces a movement called ‘Socktober.‘

His mission: Challenge 1 million people to help the homeless in their neighbourhoods in the month of October.

This is just one of the many random acts of awesome that Kid President and SoulPancake create using the powerful platform that is the internet. These guys are a huge inspiration and are pioneering a creative way forward in tackling some really complex global issues. Just 5 minutes on their website leaves you feeling uplifted and hopeful for the future.

If you haven’t seen Kid President in action before, check him out. He really does embody the message of AWESOME! This entertaining video really made me stop and think of how much time I spend online these days and what kind of impact this has in daily life.

There is something really meaningful in joining forces for the power of good. I’m excited to strike at least 1 number off their tally and add Brisbane, Australia to the list of countries that get behind this movement to help the homeless.  If this is something that resonates with you, please help to share the love by sharing this video.

Sprinkle a little awesome in the world this week!

Sarah 🙂

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