By Sarah Ah Loy

At 7:30am on Valentine’s Day 2014 the Be Awesome crew set out to connect and exchange 600 unique love letters with strangers!

Inside each little hand-stamped envelope was a unique message for the receiver. It may have been…

A powerful quote

A message from the heart

A love song

Our aim: To remind each person that we connected with that the most powerful LOVE of all is the love that we give back to ourselves.

In 30 minutes we connected with hundreds of people of various ages and backgrounds with the same friendly greeting…You are AWESOME!

Some people smiled, some laughed, some ran the other way and some rejected us completely! But for those that we connected with, we could sense that this message of self-love would spread far and wide that day.

Thanks to the supporters of our second Random Act of Awesome: b u movementOrion Zuyderhoff-Gray photography and Brodie Rocca Filmmaker.

Be Awesome aims to connect, empower & inspire around the belief that in every moment we each have the power to choose an awesome way forward.

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Be Awesome


All images by Orion Zuyderhoff-Gray photography



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