By Christian Duell

At 7:30am on Friday 16 August, 2013 the Be Awesome crew set out on a mission in a popular public space in Brisbane, Australia.

Our mission was to make the day of 500 random strangers 1% better.

Over the course of half an hour we connected with hundreds of people of various ages and backgrounds but we met them all with the same message.

That they are awesome!

Be Awesome Sticker

We were nervous and at first it felt uncomfortable.

But we began to watch the eyes of several hundred people light up in that tiny moment of human connection that we shared.

We sensed the ripple effect that this small act of joy might have on these people and those that they connected with during the day.

With a simple act of kindness we made a difference to the world and so can you.

Thanks to the supporters of our first ever Random Act of Awesome: b u movement, Orion Zuyderhoff-Gray photography and TJ’s Eprint.

Be Awesome aims to connect, empower and inspire around the belief that in every moment we have the power to choose an awesome way forward.

Be Awesome

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