Planting seeds


By Sarah Ah Loy

This weeks ‘Random Act of Awesome’ is going out to Mike the resident handyman.

Mike handles all the owners maintenance here where I live, I have grown pretty attached to my humble abode and as a result we have developed a friendly rapport over the last 3 years.

Mike does all kinds of awesome things around here. If he is tending to some kind of maintenance he will always stick his head in to say “g’day” and check if I need anything tended to.

He was very encouraging about the spring garden I planted recently, I’m not a natural green thumb so I was very appreciative of the useful gardening tips he was offering.  When I went off to work one morning, he whipped home to collect some seedlings that he brought back and planted in the garden.  What a legend! They took well and I enjoyed the bountiful lettuce harvest from those seedlings just yesterday.

Mike reminded me of something that his parents taught him. They used to say “If you can’t do something nice for someone, then don’t do anything at all.”  He certainly lives by that motto, and embodies what ‘Random Acts of Awesome’ is all about.

Do you know someone that deserves a shout out for the awesome things they do? Write in and share their story with us.

Sprinkle a little awesome in the world this week!

Sarah  🙂

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