Friends Helping Friends


By Sarah Ah Loy

It’s a shout out to all of our wonderful friends in this weeks ‘Random Act of Awesome.’

This is my neighbour of 2.5 years Niamh and her beautiful friend Susan. Sadly (for me) Niamh is in the process of moving out of her little flat next door after experiencing a series of life’s challenges. In true ‘Be Awesome’ style Niamh rose to her own occasion and reached out for help when she needed it the most.

After tragically loosing her cat Sammi recently, she then experienced a dibilitating leg injury which impacted her ability to work, care for and support herself financially. She shared with me her dark nights of the soul after this occurred and the breaking point, which lead her to surrendering to the moment and reaching out for support.

Instantly her friends appeared out of the woodwork with freshly cooked meals, emotional, physical & financial support. She shared with me her deep appreciation for the kindness she has received from each one of her friends during this time of difficulty. Although still rehabilitating, her recovery has been quite incredible thanks to all the support she has received.

This is a big thank you to all of the people in our lives! It’s not just in the times of adversity but in the everyday that connection matters most. Thank you for your kindness, thoughts, generosity, time, support, love & friendship. It’s in the random things you do that make our world an awesome place.

Sprinkle a little awesome in the world this week!

Sarah 🙂

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