Caine’s Arcade

Caine's Arcade

By Sarah Ah Loy

This weeks Random Act of Awesome comes from a very young and very inspiring 9-year-old Caine from Los Angeles, California.

Eager and innovative 9-year-old Caine took over the front of his fathers used parts store in Los Angeles, California and created an elaborate cardboard games arcade ‘Caine’s Arcade.’ He created all kinds of games using the spare boxes and stationary left over from his father’s store. Every bit the arcade manager, he even created a professional uniform to wear each day.

He utilized everything that he could, with all that was available to him.  Day in day out he showed up to his man made arcade, sweeping the front pavement and making sure it was ready for potential customers.

As the majority of his father’s business was conducted online, very rarely did they experience customers dropping by the store. However one day Caine’s luck changed, as filmmaker Nirvan Mullick dropped by in need of a second hand door handle for his car. Nirvan was Caine’s very first customer, immediately blown away by Caine’s creation, Nirvan invested $2.00 to obtain a 500 turn Fun Pass and began dropping by regularly to play at the arcade. He was so inspired by Caine’s ingenuity that he offered to create a short film to share his story.

That gesture went on to change all of their lives forever. Out of the brilliant creativity shown by Caine and the heart-warming film made by Nirvan, they created an internet campaign and event that went viral.

Since launching this original video, something really incredible has been created ‘The Imagination Foundation.’ An organisation created to harness the creativity & entrepreneurship in kids just like Caine. The organisation’s values are FIND, FOSTER & FUND and their aim is to supply kids with the “Tools to not only build the things that they can imagine, but to imagine the kind of world that they can build”

The Imagination Foundation have created a “Global Cardboard Challenge and invite kids around the world to design and build awesome creations using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination.”

Here is the follow up film ‘Caine’s Arcade 2 – from a Movie to a Movement.’

Sprinkle a little awesome in the world this week!

Sarah 🙂

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