Before I die I want to


By Sarah Ah Loy

A big shout out to our lovely Brodie Drysdale for finding this weeks ‘Random Act of Awesome.’

Candy Chang is a New Orleans artist who is in love with her city. Candy saw an opportunity to share wisdom with her neighbours thru the use of public spaces. Over the last several years she has carried out a number of projects using simple tools like stickers & pencils turning the neglected spaces of New Orleans into constructive ones.

After loosing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly in 2009, Candy shared that this experience made her reflect on death and states openly;

“This made me feel deep gratitude for the time I’ve had and brought clarity to the things that are meaningful to my life now, but I struggle to maintain this perspective in daily life.”

Inspired by this experience and with the help of friends, Candy turned the side of a local abandoned house into a giant piece of cardboard with a fill in the blank sentence that read; Before I die I want to….. …. So that anyone walking by could contribute and share their life’s aspirations in a public space.

Overnight the wall was filled out and it kept growing, inspired people wrote in wanting to erect walls in their countries and now this local project has seen walls go up in countries like ours here in Australia, Kazakhstan, South Africa & Argentina.

In this short but very moving Ted talk, Candy shares her pain openly and the humour and heartache of so many voices from around the world. Candy harnessed an opportunity to not only utilize her own pain in a constructive way to help others but also points out;

“How powerful our public spaces can be, when we have a voice and can share more with one another.”

Before I die I want to feel like I have really lived & loved. Thank you Candy for the reminder that life is brief and tender.

Sprinkle a little awesome in the world this week.

Sarah 🙂

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