Band of Brothers


By Sarah Ah Loy

This weeks ‘Random Act of Awesome’ comes via The Enterprise and is inspired by 6-year-old Danny Keefe and 45 of his 5th grade friends that took a stand and rallied against the bullying he received at school recently.

Danny is the official water coach for the Bridgewater Badgers Division 5 Football team in Boston. He has an incredibly inspiring story, and is the thriving survivor of a brain haemorrhage, which occurred just after he was born. Doctors advised Danny’s family that he would be severely handicapped as a result, but Danny had other plans. Danny’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle; the only remanent of his post birth trauma is Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), a speech disorder.

Danny has developed a very strong bond with his fellow Badger teammates. Along with his very own dapper sense of style, he chooses to wear a suit, tie & fedora every day… it’s his thing!

Some of the members of the Badgers where outraged when they heard that Danny was being picked on by some of the kids at school because of his speech impediment.

After hearing word of this bullying, these inspiring young 5th graders got together and decided to create a ‘Danny Appreciation Day.’

Last week 45 students got dressed up in suits & ties and rallied around their very valued friend in the school library, chanting his name to let him know just how loved & supported he was.  Danny proclaimed it as being “The best day ever.”

In this moving news report you can witness the incredible maturity & love created by these young boys. What a powerful stand they make together against schoolyard bullying.

Sprinkle a little awesome in the world this week.

Sarah 🙂

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