A Mind Holiday


By Sarah Ah Loy

This weeks ‘Random Act of Awesome’ comes from Feras. There are many awesome things about Feras, he is one of those souls who has experienced the height of life’s challenges and stepped up to meet them every time. Originally from Syria, Feras learnt to speak english in 1 year so that he could complete his PHD in London and is now a practicing Robotinist here in Brisbane.  We were discussing the navigation and ramblings of our very busy & somewhat crazy minds.  Feras shared with me a moment in life where he allowed himself to let go of all self judgement and criticism and just let his mind flow.

He did this at a party, by engaging with many different people and simply allowing himself to share the random thoughts that entered into his mind. One thought after another he let flow with no filter and no need to make sense of them. As you can imagine taking the social filter off your own mind is going to inspire a varied response. He explained that some people really went with it and others backed away slowly like he was completely mad. We discussed how loud the world would be if we could hear each others internal dialogue and the constant stream of random chatter. It’s a pretty overwhelming idea, just the thought of it makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and find a secluded beach somewhere.

This brief and random moment of awesome that Feras allowed himself to have reminded me of our innate humanness.  That we are all more alike than we are different. Our internal dialogue is unique to each of us but the weight of our thoughts is the same. By being completely himself, he allowed space for others to be more of themselves.

I’m not sure I have the humility & courage to have a little mind holiday just yet, but if I do give this a go I will be sure to let the people around me know that I’m taking the social seatbelt off my thoughts and letting them flow for a little while.

Feras, thanks for be(ing) your awesome self!

Sarah 🙂

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