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It’s hard to believe but here we are on Sunday night the 29 December 2013, just two days away from saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in a New Year, 2014.

Be Awesome

This is the final Sunday of 2013 and as such marks the final week of my 2013 goal to “blog once a week (every Sunday night) about my personal growth.” I’ve done it! I am immensely proud of the committment that I’ve been able to uphold each week, even at times when I’ve wanted to have a week off or have felt like I don’t have anything valuable to say; I’ve stuck to the goal and I now feel a great sense of achievement in doing so.

I am so grateful for all of the pleasantly unexpected things that have come out of pursuing this goal; the connections I’ve made with people who have gained some value from the blog, the great, growing online community and the real world community and memorable moments we’ve shared together particularly through our first “Random Act of Awesome“. I want to particularly thank the amazing Brodie Drysdale and Sarah Ah Loy who have helped to make Be Awesome not just one person’s project but truly a community.

2013-12-28 10.35.39

This weekend I have had the absolute pleasure of sharing some sacred time with four very close friends in a little piece of paradise here in Australia called the Bunya Mountains. Together we worked through a series of processes, building on the process I went through last New Year’s eve, to set goals for ourselves for 2014.

As I said last week, we don’t ever need an excuse or the “right time” to make a positive change in our life, but for many reasons the New Year provides a unique opportunity to really leverage from the sense of change that’s in the air. With this in mind, I’d like to share the basic outline of the process that we went through this weekend to hopefully support you in some way to acknowledge and let go of 2013 and move into the world of possibilities that this New Year presents. This process took us several hours and was quite intense, but I’m providing just a basic  mud map and some suggestions for how you might reflect and set goals in a more simplified way.

2013-12-28 19.05.26


Take a moment to stop and listen. Meditation is a great way to begin to gently move yourself toward frequency of the universe. It is in these moments of simple quietness and stillness that we can begin to sense or even “hear” suggestions for how we might move forward in our life in a direction that will support us.

Take Responsibility

Acknowledge your role in constructing your ideal life and creating happiness. Only you have the key to your freedom. Only you have the power to create your ideal life. By acknowledging this power and responsiblity you are also acknowledging the value of this goal-setting process.

Acknowledge & Celebrate Your Achievements

Spend some time acknowledging your achievements from the past year. One way I like to do this is to scan through the calendar and even my Instagram photos and try to capture every little great moment and achievement from the year! Try and do this quickly and don’t edit yourself too much; big achievements, little achievements, it doesn’t matter! Some of my achievements this year included helping my Dad build an unfinished chicken pen and meeting Ray Martin.


Me and Ray

Once you’ve done this, go back and identify your “top ten achievements for 2013”. You’ll be surprised at how great this process makes you feel and how much you really have achieved in one year!

Using these top 10 achievements, take a moment to write down the key “lesson” that you can take from each achievement. For example one of my top achievements this year was creating the Be Awesome community and the lesson I took away from this was to stay committed to a goal if it is serving me, and be open to moving in new directions.

Complete this process by using the following affirmation:

I acknowledge my achievements of the last twelve months and choose to carry these with me as reminders of my capacity to live my purpose with clarity and passion. 

Let Go of Pain

Now, similarly, reflect on some of the painful experiences from the last year. Again, don’t over think it or judge or analyse it too much, just write these experiences down. When have you felt pain? Who do you feel has hurt you or offended you? Try to really connect with the anger, sadness, fear and frustration and let it process through your body.

As with the last exercise, reflect on these painful experiences by capturing the lesson from each of them. But in this case, choose to let go of the painful experience itself.

For a more detailed explanation of this process see my post on Letting Go from a few weeks ago. Following this process can be really powerful and give you a lot of clarity and freedom to step into the year ahead without baggage.

Love Affirmation

Take a moment to acknowledge yourself. One way to do this is to write a love letter to yourself , describing the reasons why you love yourself and the things about you that are unique. Again, if you can really drop into the emotion of this experience this can be really empowering.


Take a moment to show gratitude for all of the great things in your world! I like to run this process as a meditation where I try to imagine all of the wonderful people in my life; my family, my friends, even people I’ve met travelling, and one by one draw a thread (like a giant piece of string) from my heart out to them. If you’ve seen the movie Avatar and remember the scene where they all connect to the big tree; I imagine something like that.


Feel Your Power

With a clear sense of self-love and gratitude, this is also a great moment to stop and feel your power. You have an amazing capacity to create and manifest the things that you truly commit intention toward. Acknowledge where you have exercised your power in a life-giving way in the past to make things happen.

Mission and Purpose

Take a moment to reflect on your mission and purpose. As I’ve written recently, discovering your mission and purpose is a constantly evolving process and can be easier or more difficult from person to person. The important thing is to just beginning to ascribe language to your mission and purpose. For example:

My mission is to connect, empower and inspire by following my purpose and celebrating the moment. My purpose is to explore my curiosity with childlike passion and playfulness.

2014 Goals

This is the moment where you choose the goals you want to step into in the year ahead. To start with, spend some time doing a “goal purge”. This means to write down every single little thing that you’ve ever wanted to do or achieve in your life. Consider it your ultimate bucket list and like your achievements from before don’t distinguish between big or small, just write everything down. It’s best to do this on small cards or post-it notes. Some of my “potential goals” on my ultimate goal list include “becoming a boat builder and sailing a boat that I create”, “visiting Nepal” and “buying a summer-house in Scandinavia that I live in for 3 months of the year”.

Now, with your giant pile of potential goals, review each of them one at a time asking yourself:

How does my gut react?

How does my heart react?

How does my mind react?

How does my spirit react?

Is it a life-giving goal?

Is it aligned with my mission and purpose?

This is very much an intuitive exercise, again that is best not over-thought. Just listen to your instinct and if you feel a pang of excitement or importance when you review a particular goal put it on a pile. For the goals that aren’t “singing” for you right now, put them on another pile and save them for next year.

You’ll probably need to go back over the “yes” pile a few times to refine your list of goals. I choose to select 8 goals as I think this is an ideal number to hold in conscious awareness over a year.

Once you have selected 8 goals (or whatever number feels right for you) take a moment to reflect on each of these goals and consider what feeling this goal will give you at its completion. Write down this aspired feeling on the back of your goal card.

Face Fear


The one thing that stands between you and your goals are your fears. The fears that you know and the fears you can’t see. To reach your goals you need to step into your fears, step into the unknown and take courageous action in the direction of your goals. Take a moment to visualise the things that will stand in your way, preventing you from achieving your goals this year. Imagine the voices of doubt saying “you can’t do it”, “you’re not good enough” and feel that fear. You must make a conscious choice to feel that fear but to act in spite of it and this is best committed as an intention through some kind of physical action like stepping forward or over something. We ran a really powerful fear conquering process last night in the middle of the rainforest that helped us to face the individual fears that we all have for the year ahead.

Commit Goals

Having faced your fears, now you are ready to commit your goals into action for the year ahead. Return to the 8 goal cards you’ve created. Standing, review the first goal, then close your eyes and visualise its achievement, allow the excitement and energy to build and feel the emotion that achieving this goal will bring. Affirm the achievement of the goal out loud: “In 2014 I will….”

Repeat this for all of your goals.


Take a moment to visualise this same time at the end of 2014, knowing that life will take you in all sorts of unexpected directions. Though you believe it is within your grasp to achieve these goals, you will also achieve many other things and be faced with a range of challenges and confrontations that allow you to grow in the way that you need to in the year ahead.

Acknowledge that in the year ahead there will be joy, grief, success and failure and surrender to the things that will be outside of your control in 2014.

I also like to run this process as a meditation.

New Start

You are ready to commence a new start for yourself in 2014. Stop and ask yourself: are you ready to completely let go of the past experiences that have been unhelpful, to surrender to the things that are outside your control and to prepare to commence a new start in the year ahead?

I like to create a ritual around this new start, by diving into water. Find something that works for you that will allow you to embody this feeling completely.

Once you complete this process, emerge with power and get ready to celebrate!

Hugh Jackman completing the 2014 goals process

Hugh Jackman completing the 2014 goals process


Choose your favourite song that will inspire you toward your goals in the year ahead. Use this moment to acknowledge and celebrate the process you’ve taken yourself through. Jump around and dance in the living room if you can! This will become your power song for the year ahead.

This was the song that I chose for 2014:

Congratulations on choosing to Be Awesome in 2014! This is not the end for Be Awesome, however we will all be taking a break for the month of January 2014 to refresh and return with an all-new 2014 Be Awesome! I thank you again for your support of my goal this year and I hope that my challenge to share each week has brought some value to your life. I wish you the most awesome start to what promises to be the best year ever!

Til next yearBe Awesome!


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