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Be Awesome

Have your life experiences left you with some valuable lessons?

Do you have a burn to share some of these experiences and lessons to help others?

Send us an email to find out how you can join the Be Awesome community.

In 2014 the Be Awesome team are looking to enrich this blog  with content from a community of likeminded people, who each have the capacity to inspire others. The Be Awesome team would therefore like to invite YOU to join and share with our community by becoming a Be Awesome contributor!

The Be Awesome Weekly Blog

As a Be Awesome Weekly Blog contributor you’ll be committing to preparing a written article (800-1500 words) and associated content (such as images and hyperlinks) by an agreed date.

The Be Awesome Weekly Blog is published every Monday morning and shared across the Be Awesome social media platforms.

The purpose of the Weekly Blog is for the author to openly and honestly share one challenging or powerful life experience that has allowed them to learn a valuable life lesson.

This process should be a rewarding one for both you and the Be Awesome community. The reward for you is overcoming the challenge to really be open, share and be vulnerable (to whatever point you are comfortable) in a public forum. The reward for the Be Awesome community is experiencing your vulnerability and sharing and applying the lesson from your experience to their own life situation.

Some of the most popular Be Awesome weekly blogs from 2013 include:

Choosing What Scares You The Most


Why Putting Yourself First is Not Selfish


Creating Space for Serendipity to Take Place


The Be Awesome blog currently receives 13,000 annual viewers and has a social media community of over 1,200 people and is continuing to grow!

Your contribution may need to be edited to suit the style and format of the website, but don’t worry you’ll get a chance to preview it before it goes live.

In exchange, we would like to acknowledge you as the article author and provide a photo and link to your website via our content contributors page. If there are any other ways we can help support other awesome work that you do too, please let us know!

If you feel the burn and are ready to challenge yourself to share, please get in touch and join the Be Awesome community!


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