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Be Awesome is made up of a team of passionate volunteers. If you share our vision, please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign to create the Be Awesome Festival; a transformational event empowering the next generation. Visit the campaign here.


The Basics

What: Be Awesome Festival (Melbourne Pilot)

When: Saturday 28th January 2017, 10am – 3pm.

Where: Melbourne central.

Who: 8-10 year old kids who would benefit from an empowering experience of their inner awesomeness!


How Much: A $150 investment per child (or your preferred equivalent value exchange- see below*)

More Info? Make sure you read the information below and then check out our FAQ section. If you still have any questions about the nomination process please feel free to get in touch with an email to

We are looking for 8-10 year old participants to experience the very first Be Awesome Festival pilot in Melbourne on Saturday 28th of January 2017. To nominate your child to take part in this exciting inaugural Melbourne event, complete the online nomination form here or scroll down to the nomination section below.



The current mainstream school system tends to focus on a narrow scope of behaviours, recognising only certain forms of intelligence and promoting a limited set of examples of “success”. This means that parents of children whose skills, abilities and perceived intelligence don’t necessarily conform to what is recognised and encouraged by mainstream curriculum can often be left feeling that either they or their child is doing something wrong.

Growing evidence suggests that today’s children are becoming less optimistic about their future, and that problems in adulthood are deeply connected to experiences in childhood.

Be Awesome believes that each child is born as a complete and unique being with vast potential, but that the current generation is experiencing an overwhelming amount of external information and influence that can limit and conceal this core identity and potential.

We have a dream to empower the next generation to embody the awareness of their inner power, through a transformational festival program called the Be Awesome Festival.

He got an award last week for his excellent behaviour and his improved decision-making and I really feel that has been a culmination of this event.

– Emma, Mum of Luke, participant in Brisbane pilot 2015.

I’m blown away by the content and commitment of this program. So clever and inspired. It’s revolutionary and so generous. Thank you for your investment in our children. This way of thinking will change the world.

– Parent of a participant in the Brisbane pilot 2015.

Following the success of our inaugural pilot festival in Brisbane in 2015, we are currently creating the second pilot for the festival to take place in Melbourne on Saturday 28 January 2017. If you share our vision for a generation of empowered decision makers, we invite you to nominate your child as one of the first in Australia to participate in the Be Awesome Festival!

This is an opportunity for both you and your child to be a part of the creative process for this event and be leaders and advocates in an emerging global movement for positive change.

Please read the following information carefully and complete the nomination process below. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Nominations close 5pm AEST Tuesday 10 January, 2017.

About the BAF Melbourne Pilot

The Be Awesome Festival is a day of full-on energy, excitement and play where children explore a network of physical challenges. Challenges are designed in a way to allow each child to experience a powerful life lesson that they can embody through physical experience for the rest of their life.

The Be Awesome Festival pilot is a scaled version of the ultimate festival model and will feature five challenges based on responses from over 200 people in Melbourne to the following question:

If you could give an 8-10 year old the gift of one powerful life lesson that would support them for the rest of their life, what would it be?

The festival pilot will feature challenges that teach the following five lessons identified from our poll responses:

  • How to love and validate yourself without needing the approval of others / How to love and respect yourself to attract people who will love and respect you (23% of the vote)
  • How to be empathetic and see things from other’s point of view (10% of the vote)
  • How to embrace failure to become more resilient (9% of the vote)
  • How to dream big and dare to be different (6% of the vote)
  • How to recognise that everything you need is already embedded within you (6% of the vote).

As a parent of a participant, you will be invited to be involved in our weekly meet ups, to contribute to the creative process and to gain a deeper understanding of the potential benefits of each challenge, based on our current research and understanding.

About Be Awesome

Be Awesome is a not-for-profit social movement devoted to promoting activities that empower individuals with the freedom to stop, choose and act with integrity.

Be Awesome is made up of a team of passionate volunteers (the Dream Team!) with various expertise ranging from early childhood education to psychology and social work. The team is lead by founder Christian Duell.

Christian is an educator with over 10 years of teaching, speaking and facilitation experience. He has worked across Australia and internationally researching, lecturing and leading workshops that promote “design thinking” and new approaches to education. His approach in leading Be Awesome combines playful curiosity and intuition with evidence-based decision making.

Selection Criteria

  • Participants will be considered by Be Awesome based on the information provided in the following nomination, with a focus on selecting participants who will gain the most from the experience. Positions in this festival pilot are limited to 20 place and as a result not all nominations can necessarily be accepted for this event, however there will be ongoing opportunities to be involved in future events.
  • Participants must be aged between 8 and 10 years as of the 28 January 2017.
  • Participants must be based in Melbourne or be able to travel to Melbourne by their own means to attend the festival pilot on Saturday 28 January 2017.
  • Participants and parents / guardians are invited to participate in a pre-event meet and greet (Tuesday 17th January 2017, venue TBC) and post-event reflection and evaluation (Tuesday 7th February 2017, venue TBC).
  • The selected participants will be notified on Thursday 12th January 2017. Parents of selected participants will be required to complete and sign a separate activity agreement prior to participating in the festival event on the 28th of January 2017.
  • Selection of participants is at the discretion of Be Awesome and is final.


*There is a participation fee of $150.00 (inc. GST) per participant and is payable two weeks prior to the festival event. This fee will offset some of the overall expenses related to the child’s participation on the day (including safety measures and insurance) as well as during the pre and post events. 

We understand that a financial investment is only one form of value exchange and may not be the most suitable for each family. We are therefore open to other forms of value exchange (such as time and resources) to ensure participation is not prohibitive for anyone. Please complete the nomination process and note your desire to explore an alternative investment with us.


We take safety and security very seriously.  Any personal information that you provide will be handled in absolute confidentiality and will be used solely for the purpose of selecting participants for the Be Awesome Festival Melbourne pilot on Saturday 28 January 2017.

Nominations must be completed by the legal parent / guardian of the child.

If you are nominating more than one child please complete a separate nomination for each child.




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