BAF Melbourne Pilot: 10 weeks to go!

We’ve just clicked over being 10 weeks away from our intended Be Awesome Festival Melbourne pilot date on the 28 January and the Melbourne Dream Team is now in full swing!

IMG_4095 (2)

Toby, Tahli and Holly getting hands on during our workshop to co-design the challenges for the festival

We’ve had three meetups now and we’re proud to have the following legends amongst our ranks:

Christian Duell, Tahli Kornhauser, Trudy Moore, Jess Ridout, Dan McHugh, Luce McHugh, Toby George, Jayde Harding, Julient Laurent, Hannah Lohman, Estelle Ihasz, Anneke Outred and Holly Hibble.

Several weeks ago, we begin the co-design process of building the Melbourne Festival by launching a public poll inviting you to nominate the empowerment lessons that will be facilitated through the challenges within the festival. Thank you to everybody who shared the poll on social media and added their response. We were overwhelmed and moved by the answers! We received over 250 responses to the question:

If you could give an 8-10 year old the gift of one powerful life lesson that would support them for the rest of their life, what would it be?

You can view the full results from the survey here.

Last Wednesday night, the Dream Team sat down and analysed the survey results and we took the top 5 results as the basis for designing the empowerment challenges that we’ll be facilitating through the Melbourne festival pilot. We made a choice as a team to look to combine two of the top responses (as the were both very similar). And interestingly, we found that two of the top five responses also matched those that were voted for by the Brisbane community for our first event in 2015.

So…the 5 lessons that we will be facilitating as challenges through the BAF Melbourne pilot are:

  1. How to love and validate yourself without needing the approval of others / How to love and respect yourself to attract people who will love and respect you (23.27% of the vote)

  2. How to be empathetic and see things from other’s point of view (9.91% of the vote)

  3. How to embrace failure to become more resilient (9.48% of the vote)

  4. How to dream big and dare to be different (6.03% of the vote)

  5. How to recognise that everything you need is already embedded within you; you are perfect just the way you are (5.6% of the vote).

On Wednesday night I facilitated a co-design workshop with the team where we took the remaining three new lessons (excluding number one and number two from above the we have already designed challenges for in Brisbane) from the poll and generated a broad range of creative ideas for facilitating challenges around these lessons. Then, in groups we built a “rapid prototype” of our most ambitious idea for a challenge and presented these prototypes to the wider group. I am always amazed at the outcomes of these workshops and we now have the bones for three amazing, high-energy, experiential challenges that will teach the 5 lessons that have been nominated by you, our community! Check out some photos from the workshop below:

In the week ahead we will begin developing and testing out the new challenges with input from some expert mentors. We will also be launching the call for parents to nominate their 8-10 year old child to be a participant in the inaugural Melbourne event very soon! Stay tuned!

If you are passionate about what we are trying to create and can support the project in any way, please get in touch!

Til next time, Be Awesome!


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