Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions about the Be Awesome Festival. Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions and we’ll post up-to-date responses here.

Do I need to stay and supervise my child during the festival?

You are welcome to stay for the duration of the festival however there will be a 2-3 hour period where participants have their own experience (without parents) navigating the network of challenges inside the main festival space. During this time participants will be highly-supervised and you are welcome to leave and come back for the final celebration at the end of the festival.

Who’s behind this?

The Be Awesome Festival is currently produced by a passionate team of diversely-experienced volunteers and is led by Be Awesome founder Christian Duell. Learn more about the BAF Dream Team for our upcoming Melbourne pilot here.

How safe is the Be Awesome Festival for my child?

We take every effort to ensure the safety and security of your child. Each person involved in the Be Awesome Festival has an active ‘Working With Children’ license for the relevant location that we are operating in. Safety officers are positioned at each of the festival challenges to ensure the safety of your child is maintained throughout the festival. We also maintain a high level of public liability insurance cover, and a risk management plan. We require you to also read and sign an agreement prior to your child’s participation in the festival to ensure you understand and are comfortable with their involvement in the activities and challenges of the Be Awesome Festival.

Why can’t adults participate? We need to learn these lessons too!

We believe in positive prevention and so our main focus at the moment is working with kids. However, the 12 week volunteer program that leads to the creation of each Be Awesome Festival is in itself designed as a transformational experience for all of the adults involved. As volunteers, we’ve found that the lessons that we are teaching and facilitating for the kids are as important for us to embody as they are for the participants. We encourage you to get involved as a volunteer if you’re eager to learn these lessons for yourself!

Also, we are offering a limited opportunity for one lucky “big kid” (grown up) to experience each of the challenges as part of our upcoming Be Awesome Festival Melbourne pilot in 2017. Check out our crowdfunding campaign to see how you can participate!

Why is the festival limited to 8-10 year old kids? 

Be Awesome believes in positive prevention. There are already a lot of great, hard-working organisations doing their best to tackle the symptoms of mental health and self esteem issues. Based on our developmental psychology research we have identified the 8-10 year old period as a unique window of time in childhood where we transition from egocentricity into an emerging self-awareness, before the pressures and influences of adolescence kick in.

By limiting the experience to 8-10 year olds we also hope to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that kids eagerly await and then look back on in adulthood.

As we are still in the pilot phase of developing the festival, we are capturing as much evidence to inform whether we continue to focus only on this age group in the future.

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

The current Be Awesome Festival model is based on a twelve week volunteer program that is as much a personal transformation experience as it is a team contribution to building the festival. Although this commitment is ideally made over twelve weeks, there are always opportunities to volunteer with Be Awesome. Our approach to volunteering is simply “come as you are, bring what you have and take what is useful”, giving or as much or as little as you have to give. Get in touch with us if you have a burn to volunteer with Be Awesome.

Why is there a $150 participation fee?

Participating in the Be Awesome Festival is a highly valuable experience that has the potential to positively impact the life of each participant for years to come. The participation fee is therefore seen as a recognition of this value so that parents, guardians and participants are fully invested in getting the most from the experience.

We understand that a financial investment is only one form of value exchange and may not be the most suitable for each family. We are therefore open to other forms of value exchange (such as time and resources) to ensure participation is not prohibitive for anyone.

Be Awesome operates as a not-for-profit organisation and the participation fee plays a small part in off-setting the overall costs for putting on each festival. These costs include safety and security measures for participants and insurance.

You all seem very positive! Is this a religious program?

No. Be Awesome is not a religious organisation nor is it affiliated with any religious body. We value diversity and welcome involvement in various ways of anyone (regardless of age, gender, sexual preferences, cultural or religious background or ability) who shares our vision for a new generation of self-determined, empowered decision-makers.