About Be Awesome

Be Awesome

Be Awesome is a social movement devoted to promoting activities that empower individuals with the freedom to stop, choose and act with integrity.

We have a dream to empower a new generation to embody the awareness of their inner power, through a transformational festival program called the Be Awesome Festival. Click here to learn more about the Be Awesome Festival and to follow our journey in during its pilot phase.

Be Awesome

Be Awesome began as a personal challenge in January 2013 by founder Christian Duell to blog once a week, sharing the learnings that come through powerful life experiences. From humble beginnings, during 2013 the project quickly grew to incorporate weekly podcasts, inspirational memes featured on Facebook and Instagram and two additional features; Random Acts of Awesome and Who’s Awesome? All of this great content is still available in our Archives section, but for now we’re mostly excited about creating the Be Awesome Festival!

To learn more about the current group of amazing people that volunteer their time to Be Awesome, check out our Dream Team here.

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