Thank you to our supporters for making this event possible:

Be Awesome Festival

Be Awesome Festival

Be Awesome Festival
Be Awesome Festival

Our incredible venue partner:

Be Awesome Festival

And a special thank you to ourĀ 113 Pozible crowdfunding campaign supporters:

Be Awesome Festival

Alan Crabbe
Alex Breckenridge
Allie Armitage
Amit Singh
Andrew Hagger
Andy Crook
Anne Wrigley
Anthea Ryder
Bec King
Bec Nolan
Beck Duell
Belinda Eccles
Betty Love
Brigitte Cumming
Carly Bell
Carolina Villaca Parker
Chenae Carey
Cheryl Quigley
Christina Na-Heon Cho
Christina Waterson
Claire Ly
Conrad Hyne
Craig Rossiter
Daniel Flood
Danielle Duell
Dharawan Noller
Elise Crocker
Elizabeth Fonceca
Elizabeth Blackwood
Emmy-Lou Hamley
Feleice Miller
Gabriela Lascu
Glenn Farrant
Hannah Lohman
Help Me With It
Ian Sampson
James Forbes
Jane Mahoney
Janette Wright
Jason Grant
Jeremy Mansfield
Jessie Warren
Jock Fairweather
Josephine MacLeod
Josh Ackman
Juanita Childs
Julie Jones
Kali Lohman
Kathryn Simpson
Kelly Greenop
Kristen Mather-Koonjul
Leanne Farnworth
Leon Fitzpatrick
Leonie Clark
Liam Casey
Liesel Zink
Linda Cusack
Mairi Thomson
Mandy Lupton
Manolaki Zoldik
Martin MacDonald
Meg Foley
Mel Bennett
Michelle Keeffe
Mitchell McDonald Roberts
Natalie Owens
Nea Der Sarkissian
Nicole Holzheimer
Nicole Phillips
Nikolaus Kaiser
Nora Kinnunen
Owen Stokes
Paul Newlands
Pete Lomas
Rachael Lowe
Rachel Anderson
Rachelle Jones
Ratu Lewis
Rebecca Young
Rebekah Ljubijankic
Rhiarna Brook
Rob Dean
Ruby Lohman
Saath Yolingumni
Sam McKnoulty
Sam Mehan
Sara Watling
Sarah Ah Loy
Sarah Hatherly
Scott Lording
Scott Shigeoka
Shanon King
Sheona Thomson
Simon Kalinowski
Simon Maher
Siobhan Gibbs
Sue-Ching Lascelles
Suzie Wiley
Tami Woodham
Tanja Hall
Timothy Kersten
Tony Little
Yen Trinh

And our anonymous pledgers (you know who you are!)

And most importantly, thank you to the amazing parents and participants in this inaugural pilot.

Thank you all for Be(ing) Awesome!

– May 2015.

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