BAF Pilot 1- Brisbane May 2015

Be Awesome Festival

Image credit: Kristina Sechenova

The Be Awesome Festival pilot on the 23 May 2015, was one day of full-on energy, excitement and play where twelve, 8-10 year old participants explored a network of physical challenges and magical spaces that helped them to discover their inner awesome.

The festival pilot featured three high-energy experiential challenges designed to embody the top three lessons identified from a public poll run by Be Awesome in March 2015:

  • How to embrace failure to become more resilient,
  • How to love and validate yourself without needing to please others, and
  • How to trust your gut instinct.

The 8-10 year old age group was identified as an ideal group to work with, based on their developing self-awareness and their close proximity to early adolescence, and importantly in Queensland, the recent changes to commence high school in year 7 (age 12).

The Be Awesome Festival Dream Team is made up of a diverse and passionate group of volunteers combining skills and experience in social work, psychology, teaching, design, personal growth, and coaching and mentoring among other things. The group was drawn together to create this festival pilot based on a shared vision and personal values to make a positive impact on the next generation.

Growing evidence suggests that today’s children are becoming less optimistic about their future, and that problems in adulthood are deeply connected to experiences in childhood. Be Awesome has a dream to empower a new generation with the tools to access their inner resources to make powerful life decisions. There is a lot of great work taking place in the community with adolescents and adults in response to major issues like bullying, peer pressure, depression, violence and substance abuse. We aim to support this existing great work by working on positive prevention, supporting and empowering our children in a fun way before the challenges of adolescence and adulthood begin.

Here is what a parent from the inaugural Be Awesome Festival pilot had to say about the experience:

I’m blown away by the content and commitment of this program. So clever and inspired. It’s revolutionary and so generous. Thank you for your investment in our children. This way of thinking will change the world.

To express interest to be involved in a future Be Awesome Festival event either as a volunteer or to nominate a participant please contact us via email at

Watch members of the Be Awesome Festival pilot Dream Team talk share their experience at PechaKucha Brisbane:

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