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Be Awesome

We have a dream…

Close your eyes and imagine you’re back at school. You’re eight years old and you’ve started the day with another typically boring maths class. You realise you have at least nine more years of this and your future feels dull and uncertain.

As you gaze out the window, all of a sudden a giant, pimped-out bus with pumping music pulls up on your school oval. Suddenly the bus magically unpacks to form the most mind-blowing structure you have ever seen. This is the Be Awesome Festival and this is the most memorable and empowering day of your entire school life.

The Be Awesome Festival is a day of full-on energy, excitement and play where children explore a network of physical challenges and magical spaces. Challenges are designed in a way to allow each child to experience a powerful life lesson that they can embody through physical experience for the rest of their life.

Growing evidence suggests that today’s children are becoming less optimistic about their future, and that problems in adulthood are deeply connected to experiences in childhood.

We have a dream to empower a new generation with the tools to access their inner resources to make powerful life decisions. There is a lot of great work taking place in the community with adolescents and adults in response to major issues like bullying, peer pressure, depression, violence and substance abuse. We aim to support this existing great work by working on positive prevention, supporting and empowering our children in a fun way before the challenges of adolescence and adulthood begin.

We have identified the 8-10 year old age group as an ideal starting point, based on their developing self-awareness and their close proximity to early adolescence, and importantly in Queensland, the recent changes to commence high school in year 7 (age 12).

The dream is in it’s early stages and the Be Awesome team are currently creating the Be Awesome Festival pilot; a scaled version of the ultimate festival model set to take place in Brisbane on Saturday 23 May 2015. To set the framework for the pilot we asked over 100 people from Brisbane to respond to the following question:

If you could give an 8-10 year old the gift of one powerful life lesson that would support them for the rest of their life, what would it be?

The festival pilot will feature three high-energy experiential challenges designed to embody the top three lessons identified from our poll responses:

    • How to embrace failure to become more resilient
    • How to love and validate yourself without needing to please others
    • How to trust your gut instinct

You can support the Be Awesome Festival dream by following our journey, volunteering as part of the dream team, contributing to our crowdfunding campaign (launching on the 28 April 2015) or by spreading the news across your network. If you believe what we believe then we have a place for you in our dream team, just get in touch!

And watch the Be Awesome Festival vision presentation that took place at The Edge on the 3 March 2015.

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